Cricket Hall of Fame Inducts First Female

In the fall of 2005, the Cricket Hall of Fame held it’s annual Induction Ceremony, which included the recognition of Barbados native Barbara P. Lindo. Best known for her work in the community of Hartford and other outstanding contributions to the sport of cricket, Lindo became the first woman to be inducted in the Cricket Hall of Fame. In addition, this honor will also mark the first occasion that a husband and wife team will be in the Cricket Hall of Fame. Lindo’s husband, Cyrus, was an earlier inductee.

The location for the historical ceremony was the Marriott Hotel, Adriaen’s Landing in downtown Hartford. On October 1, 2005, an impressive list of former international cricket stars were inducted in addition to Lindo. Among them, the former West Indies fast bowler, Andy Roberts and Indian leg-spinner Bhagwat Chandrasekhar. Roberts is known for being a very intelligent cricketer and, during one point in his career, set the then-record for being the quickest cricketer as he took less than two and a half years to reach 100 Test wickets. Chandrasekhar, on the other hand, remains India’s largest match winner overseas with 42 wickets in only five tests. Unpredictable at times, it is said that no other cricketer was more likely to deliver an unplayable ball. In addition, popular West Indian cricket journalist Tony Becca joined the hall. Becca recently retired as Sports Editor for the Gleaner newspaper and is one of the most celebrated writers in the Caribbean region.

Two other cricket personalities, Alvin “Al” Watson of Hartford/Florida and Carlyle Miller of New York was also inducted for outstanding contributions to the sport of cricket in the United States.

In every sport, just as with cricket, the Hall of Fame serves as a permanent structure used to celebrate the accomplishments of the sport’s most outstanding players and contributors. Often a popular tourist attraction, Halls of Fame are known for both their historic value, many photo opportunities and a place for fans to gather as their favorite cricket legends are forever inducted into history.

As females continue their increasing participation in sports and in history, Barbara P. Lindo achieved yet another milestone in the world of cricket and history in general. Her induction marks a precedent that will be set for other women who need encouragement and will find that in Lindo’s accomplishments and recognition.

Each year, the Cricket Hall of Fame works diligently in order to provide a program that is both reach in quality and in entertainment. Supporters are certain to once again be treated to a program filled with excitement, entertainment and enlightenment. Anyone interested in attending this year’s Induction Ceremony or for questions regarding the organization are urged to contact the Cricket Hall of Fame at 860-246-5400. Fans and supporters are invited to call with their questions regarding the Cricket Hall of Fame, it’s induction process or ticket information for upcoming events. Additionally, any events that take place throughout the year will be accessible by calling the telephone number noted above.

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