Eavesdropping on Millionaires – 7.5 Elements for Success Online

Last week I eavesdropped on some very successful entrepreneurs. These are people who earn five and six figures per month with their online businesses. It was a four hour mastermind where they shared their struggles, frustrations, wisdom, and success stores.

I spent that evening eavesdropping on millionaires taking notes. One person gave us his formula for his success. Now all had different methods on reaching their financial goals. But the basic principles are the same. Just like any other sport, occupation, or business. There are principles that always work.

Football will always be a game of blocking and tackling. In basketball its defense and rebounding. In business it will always be sales and marketing. These principles never change. The methods and creativity will always differ but the principles don’t change.

One millionaire gave us his 7.3 elements of success. These were the steps he took to become one of the highest paid marketers online. Go ahead and take action on the steps below.

7.3 Elements of Success – Eavesdropping on Millionaires

1. Know What You Want – Tony Robbins says know your end result. Start with the end in mind and work backwards. How much money do you want to make per month, per year, in 5 years, and in 10 years? How many sales do you want to make?

We do not suffer from lack of information. You can Wiki, Google, Bing, and YouTube any thing you want. You can find how-to videos and step by step guides. There are no excuses on why you don’t know what you want to know. So many people enter this industry with vague or general goals and never reach them. You must get clear on your outcome. You must develop clarity on what you want out of your business.

2. Why Do You Want What You Want – What is your reason for your goals? Too many people focus on the “How” and forget about the why. The “How” changes all the time. Again we don’t suffer from the lack of information. Your “Why” is what will drive you. It is the enthusiasm in your business. It’s your “Why” that beats frustration, procrastination, slow sales week, and ineffective marketing.

There are always successful Systems, winning formula, and mentors who will show you the “How”. It’s your “Why” that will keep you committed and focus.

3. Prepare Your Way to Success – You must develop a prosperity mindset. Like attracts like and success attracts success. You must train your mind to help you succeed. Create an environment of success. Your work place should be your sanctuary. Where you go to create masterpieces.

Work towards a prosperity mindset where you will add value to your marketplace. You must feed your mind daily on your goals and education. Just reading 30 minutes per day and listening to audio will help you beat your competition. Repetition is the mother of skill. Find your major definite purpose and recite it everyday.

4. Position Yourself for Success – Be in the right business for you. You must find the right vehicle to get you to your destination. There are many vehicles to choose from. The question is how fast do you want to get there? If you want to get to Las Vegas from Los Angeles you can either walk, take a bike, bus, your car, train, or fly. Flying is the fastest way to get there. The question is how fast do you want to reach your goal?

If you don’t like lotion, potions, and health products don’t sell them. Put your enthusiasm in to a product or service that you have passion for. I chose Empower Network because I can build any business with this system. You must do the same. Remember, work + enthusiasm = fun.

5. No Plan B – Stop the S.O.S (Shiny Object Syndrome) bull crap. There is never a Plan B in business. Stop toe dipping and wasting everyone’s time. Treat your business like it’s the only income that you have coming in. Better yet treat it like your job and you will show up everyday but this time put passion into it.

The only Plan B you have is persistence. When you want success just as bad as you want to breathe then you will hit your income goals. Every time you jump ship for a new launch, a push button magic pill, or no selling system (really no selling) you start the failure cycle all over again. Break the cycle now!

6. Form a Mini Group of Followers – People are going to follow somebody. Might as well be you. Create your own tribe then study, do, and teach. Join a Toastmasters class, hang out at industry events, or start a cash-flow 101 group. You may have to expand your circle. Get your social media group following you or join a large group and start contributing.

7. It’s Not About the Money – Well for me it was all about the money. I was focused on hitting my goals. But when I saw my team succeeding. When people from other industries asked could I help them market online my focus shifted. People saw value in my work and wanted to work with me. You will get to this point too if your are not already there. Serving more and more will increase your value and your business.

7.5 Persistence – Remember P.U.S.H Persist Until Something Happens. Persistence is the only skill you need in the beginning. Persistence removes road blocks, disappointments, and beats procrastination. Persistence shows your clients, followers, and your email list that you are committed to your business.

Remember your list is the life blood of your business. Your list may not respond until months later. But keep feeding it value and you will make sells. Quit or jump ship every 90 days and your list will become worthless. Take action now on these 7.5 Elements.

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