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Learning About Ropes: What You Need to Know

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Whenever you go outdoors, there is one thing you should always bring: rope. But not all ropes are the same. Some types of rope are better than others for specific purposes. To be sure that you are bringing the right set of rope with you, here is a short guide on some of the basic rope types available out there.


To begin with, the most common type of rope you’ll see when you’re camping or in the wild is paracord. This is the parachute cord that the military uses it for a variety of purposes. Thanks to the way it is made, it is very resistant to damage. This makes it ideal for survival purposes. If you have enough paracord and other hardware supplies, you can do a variety of things. You can use it for tent ropes, supply organizing, and more.

There are less obvious uses if you are creative though. This includes flossing, sewing, and kindling, especially if you deconstruct the cord. You can even make a short bracelet so that you always have several meters with you wherever you go.

Sisal Rope

Paracord can’t handle all occasions though. There are times when you need something natural and durable against the elements. This is where sisal rope comes in. Made out of fiber from the agave sisalana plant, sisal rope is a favorite among those who go on the water often. Some sisal ropes can stand several decades of exposure, while still staying strong as ever. Besides that, they also tend to be pretty affordable. The only drawback is bulk and you might pass on this rope if you want something more portable.

Ski Rope

For those who like to hit the water during the summer, ski ropes are a necessity. Made of polypropylene, they are meant to survive exposure to moisture. Ski ropes are a favorite for those who want to water ski, windsurf, and more. Unlike nylon, which loses its strength when exposed to water, ski rope can handle moisture admirably though it can get a bit slippery. This makes it ideal for any water sport and any outdoor activity that may end up with water exposure.

Polyester Rope

If you are looking for standard rope, then the polyester rope is what you will most likely end up with. The main reason you want to use this rope is its resistance to rot and UV exposure. This means that it can survive a long time in the elements with no need for replacement. It is available in various sub-types that have different uses. For example, braided polyester rope finds use in construction projects frequently because the structure allows it to be stronger, along with additional finishes that allow it to be in different colors.

Ropes are a very tool for a variety of purposes. Whether it is to tie up supplies or to secure a tent, having the right rope can go a long way to make things easier for many people. Be aware of the situation you are getting into and choose the rope that will best fit your needs.

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