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1) Last week saw the loss of the Leeds United legend Norman Hunter at the age of 76. On the field, he was as hard as they come but off the pitch he was a true gentleman. His tussle with Derby County’s Francis Lee is infamous but he was also the first ever PFA Footballer of the Year in 1974, for his sterling performances during Leeds’ dominant league 1973-74 title win.

A tribute to Norman Hunter.

2) When he’s not at the snooker table, you can find Steve Davis cuing up classics as a DJ: everything from classic Krautrock to glitch techno. Here’s “the Nugget” on his musical philosophy, plus Steve “Interesting” Davis on Spitting Image. And back to the baize itself, here’s 19-year-old Nutcharut Wongharuthai of Thailand, completing making what is thought to be the first competitive 147 break by a woman. From the archive: Allison Fisher, takes on Jimmy White in 1994. The “Duchess of Doom” later became a world pool champion with skills like these.

3) With live motor sport on hiatus, marbles are filling the gap thanks to the Marbula E project. It’s a slick recreation of Formula E, complete with on-screen graphics, a nifty conveyor belt and on-the-nose commentary: “two big German manufacturers marble to marble”. Jelle and Dion Bakker, masters of the marble arts, have also rolled out an entire unofficial Marbula One season. Here are the highlights, and the full slate of eight races. Meanwhile, for those missing the London Marathon here’s mass-participation marbling, plus a hark back to the epic, 2hr-plus Winter Marblympics. Bit of old-school arcade Marble Madness here too.

4) If ridiculously good tight control, bamboozling feints and computer game-style dragbacks are your thing, check this montage of Montenegrin playmaker Dejan Savicevic. Il Genio could score great goals too: surely his most famous was the exquisite side-foot lob in Milan’s thumping 4-0 win over Barcelona in the 1994 Champions League final. Here he is playing for Red Star in the 1991 European Super Cup final at Old Trafford, nutmegging Paul Ince and giving United the run around.

More class from Enzo Francescoli: if he was good enough for Zinedine Zidane to name his first-born son after, he’s good enough for you. Here’s the two legends playing a training match together.

5) Making the best of lockdown in Italy, two young tennis fans impressively keep a rally going across two rooftop terraces.

Pair play tennis between rooftops during coronavirus lockdown in Italy – video

6) Last weekend, Kelly Holmes turned 50 – the perfect excuse to revisit her brilliant 800m and 1500m golds from Athens 2004. She unfortunately found things harder against Philip Schofield and The Cube, however – things get tense in part two, particularly.

Snowboarder Chloe Kim turns 20 today – here’s the pick of her Olympic runs … including 2018 where she made back-to-back 1080s look effortless. Rather more effort is expended by Jonny Brownlee here, but thankfully brother Alistair, who turns 32 today, was on hand to help him over the finish line.

1) There’s something different about this 1990 encounter between Stephen Hendry and Ray Reardon, and things take a surreal turn when Hendry lines up the clinching pot. More info on the unforgettable Clydeside Classic final here.

2) Former women’s world champion and television commentator Vera Selby shows how to get spin on the ball.

3) A roundup of world records in women’s athletics, many of which are really getting on a bit now.

4) The greatest ever Monday Night Football game?

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