Six Great Tips for Choosing The Best Hunting Rifle

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There are many factors when it comes to choosing the best hunting rifle. Every hunter has their favorite hunting rifle. This was not a hard choice back many years ago. Most people then only had one gun, and it was their favorite. A lot has changed since the early times. Walk into any gun store in Pennsylvania and there are so many rifles to choose from it is mind blowing. If you cannot find one to suit your tastes. You can have one custom built at a fraction of the cost of what it used to be. Today’s advancements in technology has made the process so much easier and affordable. Custom rifles are nothing special anymore. Now when choosing a hunting rifle there are some factors to consider. What will you be hunting? Big or small game. Birds or rabbits? Aggressive or docile animals. All are factors in choosing the right gun. Where will you be hunting your game is important. What conditions will you be hunting under, and is it open prairie or a local farmers field? Who will be using the hunting rifle is a very important factor when choosing the best rifle. How will you be hunting this prey? Are you walking fence posts looking for quail or up a tree in a deer stand waiting for your prey to walk within range. When will you be hunting is also important. Are you in the summer shooting coyotes on your pasture land or is it dead winter in the mountains waiting for that Elk. This will help determine the proper rifle choice. Probably the most objective factor is the cost involved. The best hunting rifle should cost the most, right? This is not necessarily true, as any gun store in Pennsylvania will tell you, the price weighs in very little when subjective factors come into play.

What are you setting out to hunt? If you are hunting an elephant, I suggest a large caliber rifle with a lot of powder behind it. You are going for maximum stopping power and nothing else. Probably a 3 round clip will be all you need. Now if you are going to shoot some squirrels for dinner then it is a whole different ball game. An over/under would be perfect. A 22 caliber on top and a 410 caliber shotgun on the bottom.

Where you are hunting is important for the rifle choice. Hunting in the Antarctic for Polar Bear is rough and cold. The rifle should be easy to operate with a winter coat and gloves on. You will also want a very accurate large bore rifle for the pursuit of such an aggressive animal. The Polar Bear is at the top of the food chain, so you will not want to miss it. The other factor is just as important because safety is involved. Remember Safety First! Are people near where you are to hunt? ect..

Who will be using this hunting rifle is as important as where to hunt. How old is the hunter? Are they handicapped? All these factors in choosing the best rifle for the hunter. Many rifles have tremendous recoil and can damage a hunter.

How you are hunting is a factor in choice also. Are you hunting birds from a boat, or deer hunting from your ATV? Shooting from a deer stand or walking a fence line. How close you get to your target is also very important.

There are a lot of factors that need to be weighed before the best choice for a hunting rifle can be determined. Gather your conditions and scenarios together to help you evaluate the best choice for a hunting rifle.