The Yorkshire Terrier Is Loyal

The Yorkie puppy, or Yorkshire Terrier puppy, are a toy breed of dog that have long hair and which are of a very playful nature while also sporting a coat of blue and tan in color. In fact, when you first get yourself a Yorkie puppy, you will be amazed at how small it is and it also how little it weighs also. Yorkshire Terrier puppies are the second most sought after of the major dog breeds after the Labrador Retriever, if available information on registrations from the American Kennel Club is to be believed.

Normally, fully grown Yorkshire Terriers won’t grow to more than six to seven inches in height and also won’t weigh more than seven pounds. Though even when they are puppies, they will still sport a long as well as fine and silky coat. Yorkshire Terrier puppies are highly active, though not very good at learning. However, they are energetic as well as loyal and brave, and in addition, they are not well suited for being guard dogs, though they are better at being watch dogs and the average Yorkie puppies can be expected to live up to a ripe old age of between twelve and fifteen years.

The better Yorkie puppies are noticeably compact in build as well as athletic which is necessary to support their active habits, and their stance is upright while they exude great confidence as well. The gait of the average Yorkshire Terrier puppies are noticeably jaunty as well as free and they are always seen with their heads and also tails held high, and despite their toy size, are not either frail or even fragile.

Yorkie puppies come with a long hair though without an undercoat and thus they do not shed quite as much as would be expected from long haired breeds. In addition, Yorkshire Terrier puppies will not carry much dander on their coat and thus don’t usually smell foul. Also, their hair does not fall out very often and in fact will grow non-stop unless it falls out because of brushing or breaking. They also usually will have coats that are black and tan with the black hair mixing with the tan.

Before you are able to choose the right puppy from a litter of Yorkshire Terrier puppies you must know of certain qualities that can help you distinguish the better puppies from the less than satisfactory ones. Thus, you need to ensure that the coat color is right and that the coat is of good quality in terms of its texture. The hair should be glossy while also being fine as well as silky. However, not all good Yorkie puppies show these traits and some will show rather too fine and woolly coats, which makes their appearance a bit different as compared to the better Yorkshire Terrier puppies.

Nevertheless, a sure sign that your Yorkie puppy is a suitable one is when you notice that their lips, nose and also paw-pads, eye-rims and nails have a dark pigmentation. You also need to look for Yorkshire Terrier puppies that have absolutely straight hair, which will need a lot of maintenance if you want to keep the hair clean as well as looking beautiful.

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