February 9, 2023



Tips For Choosing a Badminton Set

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Amongst the various sports played, badminton is one of the no-fuss sports where anyone of all ages can enjoy the game without the need of any professional training. It helps one to relax and unwind. This game can be played indoors or outdoors. As a matter of fact, you can practically play badminton anywhere, even your very own backyard. Perhaps that is why most families usually have a badminton set at home.

The first and most important equipment in this game is the badminton racket, as badminton is a racket sport. Another equally important item is the shuttlecock. You cannot possibly play the game without either one of the mentioned equipments. These two items form the basic badminton set. And as you take the game more seriously, there will be other necessities to look into.

Badminton rackets come in different sizes, weight and prices. While some rackets are specially designed for professional badminton players, casual players still have a very wide range to choose from. The golden rule in choosing a racket is not based on getting the most expensive racket or the cheapest one. It is recommended to get a racket that is suitable to your style of playing and, of course, fits snugly into your budget as well.

The next equally important item in a badminton set is the shuttlecock. They too, similar to the rackets, come in a wide range but basically there are only two types of shuttlecocks, namely the feathered ones and plastic ones. Generally most people prefer the feathered ones when compared to the plastic ones although the durability of plastic shuttlecocks is stronger and more lasting. Another difference between the two shuttlecocks is the feeling produced upon the point of impact. Nevertheless, while the plastic shuttles are gaining popularity in the recent years, the feathered ones are used officially in all International badminton tournaments.

Next will be the badminton strings. A badminton set usually provides two types of strings, the thick strings and the thin ones. The thick strings are more durable when compared to the thin ones. The latter which are the thin strings are often sought after by players who wish to experience more power in their rackets. So, just like the rackets, the ultimate choice is largely based on personal preference. Besides all these items, a net is also required although when one plays the game casually, the net is not being used.

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