Carlton Badminton Rackets Evolution

Carlton is proud to be up at the top end of the big hitters in the competitive world of sports racket and badminton racket production. Carlton, as a company, listens very carefully to the needs of its customers, both amateur and professional, and understands the various needs and requirements of the individual badminton player.

Carlton badminton rackets are at the forefront of development and have been responsible for many of the innovations that have seen rackets develop into the shape and form they are in the present professional game. Many top players rightly entrust their badminton equipment to Carlton, inclusive of world beating doubles pair Nathan Robertson and Gail Emms.

Speed through the air is one of the paramount factors in developing the most effective and efficient rackets – reduction of drag and aero-dynamic performance are paramount and when Carlton introduced the first modern day metal racket this paved the way for the future of development for all the top brands and manufacturers.

Indeed, it was the advent of this type of racket that really put Carlton on the map on a global scale. The company also produced the world’s first synthetic shuttlecock and the first one piece graphite racket. In the 1980’s virtually all professional players used a 3.7s from Carlton – true testament to its amazing prowess.

Badminton rackets have to be able to deliver power, speed and control and the research and development team at Carlton have continued to deliver by utilising grommetless technology and creating faultless synergy between the strings and the frame of the racket. These innovations help to ensure leading edge racket control and feedback to help the brand increase its worldwide appeal and recognition.

Carlton won’t stand still and recognises that innovation and styling are key to ensuring they stay ahead of the game. Their mission in simple terms can be summed up in 2 brief but decisive points:

1. Design and manufacture innovative equipment that drives elite players to success on the world stage.
2. Produce equipment that maximises the enjoyment for recreational players at all levels.

Carlton badminton rackets have all their bases covered and will continue to dominate the sports racket industry for years to come. As their worldwide profile increases their market share will increase and they will compete with Yonex to gain the number one spot in the provision of top quality badminton equipment for professional, amateur and recreational players.

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