2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup – Where Is the Media Coverage?

If you have noticed all the news about the upcoming women’s FIFA World Cup then you have been looking in places that the rest of us have not.

The first Women’s World Cup was held in 1991 and is recognized as the most important event in the women’s football calendar. It is held every four years. The last World Cup was held in 2007 in the United States after an out break of SARS in the original planned host country of China forced the change of venue. The German team were the eventual winners beating Brazil 2-0 after not dropping a single point throughout the tournament. It will be held in Germany in summer 2011.

There is, in comparison to the same time before last year’s men’s FIFA World Cup, little in the press about it and relatively numerous negative jokes about women’s football, even by a female radio presenter on the country’s number one radio station, Eins Live.

The male game makes much more money than the female game but in this day and age is this obvious sex discrimination? Germany seems to be leading the charge away from the Women’s World Cup even though they have the most to gain in revenue. These are dedicated athletes like any others. Do they have the “misfortune” to be female at a time when the men are earning top dollar in their sport? Not even the famous British underdog support mentality seems to be coming to help. In the current champions language, German, “Schadenfreude”, a word that does not seem to have an English translation but is means the enjoyment of watching others being put down, is evidently in force.

When I investigated I was told by the television stations I have asked that they think that there are far too many other more important sporting events coming up in the summer. A world championship, in which countries compete, is not, it seems automatically headline. No war no death and only healthy competition? We complain that other societies consider women to be second-class citizens, are guilty of the very same crime?

I will be following the game and I am sure at some point when people do realize that the ladies are just as able to wake excitement, commitment and competition as men, the rest will follow.

The Women’s FIFA World Cup begins on 26 June 2011, in the city of Sinzheim, Nigeria v France.

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