5 Carolina Panthers Players with Genuine Superstar Potential

Christian McCaffrey Set himself as a Celebrity in The NFL last year. Do the Carolina Panthers have any other players of this caliber in their roster?

Last year was the last one of those Cam Newton, Greg Olsen, and Luke Kuechly core with the Carolina Panthers. The effort didn’t go according to plan for all those, but their run together was wonderful.

Over their eight seasons together, they had four playoffs. They also joined for 12 Pro Bowl appearances and six First-Team All-Pro collections during their time with the Carolina Panthers. Though it wasn’t the time they wanted for, the next player for your organization needed a legendary 2019.

In his third season, Christian McCaffrey Place the league Notice with his outstanding play. He finished the year with 1,387 rushing yards for 15 touchdowns and also had 1,005 receiving yards with four scores.

McCaffrey is just one of three players and the first since this got the running back a First-Team All-Pro selection and Pro Bowl appearance.

Some players come into the league, and so are instantaneous stars, and for others, it takes a few seasons. For McCaffrey, it only took two years. Can the Panthers have some players in their roster right now that might be ready to make a name for themselves?

The Panthers drafted some pass rushers that starred in Faculty and will find a chance to play right away. They have some defensive backs who have been with the team for a few seasons and are ready to prove they are elite players in their position.

All the rising stars in the league and All the Young players having an infinite quantity of potential, which Panthers players possess the capability to reach superstar status?

Ian Thomas – TE:

This past offseason, Greg Olsen decided to leave the Carolina Fans cannot be upset with his choice believing he gave to the organization, and he deserves a chance to create another Super Bowl run.

The Panthers have lost a pioneer in the locker room and their best tight finish in business history, but his substitute is no slouch. Ian Thomas will soon be taking over as the major tight end also has the potential to be an incredible player.

Thomas has only been in the league for two seasons and has not seen a ton of action due to Olsen getting the majority of these reps. in his two seasons with the Panthers, Thomas has totaled 52 receptions for 469 yards and three touchdowns.

His numbers so far are not great, and that will change with time. The way Thomas is built, together with his athleticism, is the reason that he has superstar potential.

Thomas is recorded as 6-foot-3 and 260 pounds. In the NFL Scouting Combine, he conducted a 4.74-second 40-yard dash and also had a 36-inch vertical leap. He is a pass-catcher that can outrun a few secondary players also has the power to out muscle linebackers.

Thomas can turn into anything tight end the Panthers need Him to be. Should they need him to run verticals the seam up and conquer defensive backs downfield he can do it? Being in a position to learn from a few of the greatest tight endings throughout the past couple of seasons may give him a little more insight into what it takes to be a No. 1 in the league. This will help too.

If Thomas can get open with All the concentrate on the Wide receivers on the subject together, he would have a monster third year. He is a must-watch player for the Panthers in 2020.

Yetur Gross-Matos – EDGE

Even the Carolina Panthers defence has taken some significant hits over the past couple of seasons, losing celebrities like Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis, and Mario Addison. With each one these departures, it’s left them with a few of the worst pass-rushing defences in the league.

The Panthers made their focus on draft night and also took some youthful pass rushers that they think will help rebuild their defence. Among the prospects taken was Penn State celebrity Yetur Gross-Matos.

The player completed with 40 tackles, 14.5 tackles for loss, and nine sacks. Gross-Matos was recorded among the best pass rushers in this draft, but fortunately, he fell to the Panthers in the second round.

Gross-Matos has a great build for a pass rusher. He is listed at 6-foot-5 and 265 pounds. The player did not conduct the 40-yard dash at the Combine, but at his college film, he was very explosive and needed more than enough speed to catch running backs coming out of the backfield.

He did participate in Different drills at the mix and needed a Strong performance. Gross-Matos needed a 34-inch perpendicular, attained 20 reps on the seat, and had the sixth-best wide leap at 120. His athleticism is there, and he is great at using it to his benefit.

Gross-Matos will be a part of a very inexperienced defensive Line, but it is going to permit him to prove he belongs as a newcomer. He has all the dimensions, strength, and athleticism to become a fantastic pass rusher in the NFL.

The Panthers have a history of becoming the maximum from the Pass rushers with players previously like Kony Ealy, Addison, Kyle Love, Greg Hardy, and Charles Johnson reaching great things in their time in Carolina.

If the Panthers devote Gross-Matos time to develop and grow A player, he could grow to be a wonderful pass rusher to play opposite of rising star Brian Burns.

Donte Jackson – CB

The Carolina Panthers have struggled from the secondary ever since Josh Norman left following his amazing 2015 year old. They’ve been unable to discover great players in free agency since their draft selections have not blossomed into anything unique, except for one player.

Donte Jackson was a very good cornerback during his time at LSU. He entered the draft in 2018 and has been selected in the next round from the Panthers. Since then, he has been the best corner in their defense.

Carolina has had a lot of defensive troubles over the last couple of seasons, but Jackson has been one of the lone bright spots from the weak secondary.

Jackson stands at 5-foot-10 inches and is very athletic. He plays the ball quite nicely when it is in the air and takes pride in winning these situations. The corner is excellent in the zone and man coverage and can stick with any receiver in the league. NFL Carolina Panthers tickets discount is available at Tix2games.

Jackson will get every opportunity he wants to prove he’s an elite secondary player and has all of the skills to become one of the best corners in the league. The player won’t have prior head coach Ron Rivera to help him to the defensive side of the ball. However, Matt Rhule and Phil Snow are no slouches on defense and have experienced success with corners such as Xavien Howard.

If Jackson can remain healthy this year, he has an opportunity to take a huge step this year. He’s two years under his belt and has played against the top receivers in the league, a couple of them twice per year. He is a must-watch player on the Panthers defense this year.

Brian Burns – DE

With the Carolina Panthers desperately needing help with their pass-rushing, they chose to utilize their 2019 first-round choice to select Florida State star, Brian Burns. It was a fantastic movement by the front office.

After dropping Mario Addison and Thomas Davis that the Panthers needed to repair the pass rush; they needed someone who had the rate to come off the edge but also has the ability out tight muscle ends. Burns fits that mould perfectly.

Burns’ rookie season was down and up. He coped with trauma for a lot of the season and was just able to start five games. In these five games, he had been dominant and was one of the Panthers’ top pass rushers.

Overall his first year was a victory, and he finished the season with one forced fumble, one fumble recovery for a touchdown, 7.5 sacks, 25 total tackles, and five tackles for loss. Burns was rarely at 100 percent during the entire year and still finished top-five sacks for rookies. The potential he’s was noticeable during the games he played in.

Burns stands at 6-foot-5 and weighs 250 lbs. He had a very remarkable NFL Scouting Combine that helped enhance his draft stock. He ran a 4.53-second 40-yard dashboard, and he had been one of three prospects that had a score over 90.

Burns showed that his speed and his athleticism are his biggest assets last season. He’s quicker off the ball than plenty of offensive tackles and has the athleticism to hit them with numerous moves to get to the quarterback. The rusher nevertheless has great strength and can manage any tight end that attempts to crack him off the border.

The second-year pro has had a full offseason to recoup from injury and be sure he is healthy for this year. He will be one of the best pass rushers for the Panthers in 2020 and will be a player each enthusiast is excited to watch each Sunday.

Derrick Brown – DT

Saying that someone is a celebrity before he plays a down in the NFL is something nobody should do because it puts unfair pressure on them. In Derrick Brown’s situation, it is extremely tough to see his faculty film, not say he falls into this class.

Over the previous three years, Brown has been one of the most dominant players in college soccer. It was tough for any lineman to close down this man for a complete game. The former Auburn Tiger didn’t play a great deal in his freshman year, but when his number got called as a sophomore, he did not hesitate to capitalize on the chance.

The Carolina Panthers have chosen Brown No. 7 overall in the draft this season, and they think he can be the wrecking ball in the center of the defense. The rookie will be learning from and playing alongside Kawann Short, who has had some success in his career.

The Panthers have a very youthful core for their pass rushers, with Brian Burns and Brown being the key to the future. He should learn and adapt quickly because Carolina needs his aggression and strength out on the field.

Brown set up 28 reps at the Combine’s bench press. That does not represent the power he plays on the field. He gets low and pushes the lineman up and back, which is something all defensive line coaches want their players could do.

If the lineman can adapt quickly, he can make a name for himself.