Badminton Accuracy and Running

Badminton is one of the most popular sports around the world. Just like lawn tennis, it needs a lot of accuracy and a lot of running too. But for female athletes who are serious with badminton, the little space confined by those lines means battlefield.

Singapore is proud to have produced a top-notch badminton player. Li Li won the singles category in the Commonwealth Games in 2002 and took home the gold medal. It was then that she made a great bang by defeating Tracey Hallam of England in the fourth set, which eventually upset the English team. Li also took part in the 2004 Summer Olympics but was defeated by Gong Ruina from China.

Another badminton superstar from Asia is Gong Ruina from China. A consistent Olympian, Ruina had swept the awards of almost all of the competitions that she had participated in. Ruina’s victory may be considered as a destiny. Why? It is because Ruina has a meaning in Chinese. “Rui” means clever and very wise while “na” is an character they use for a girl. It seems Ruina was born to be a champion. Even the legendary Susi Susanti was defeated by this girl in their match in Brunei Open.

Susi Susanti is one heck of a superstar Indonesia and in the world of badminton. She was awarded with a “Hall of Fame” award in 2004 by the International Badminton Federation. She was the very first Indonesian to take home gold medal in the single event in the 1992 Olympic Games.

Heading West, a very large star is shining brightly – Tracey Hallam. Considered as a top-seed badminton player in England, she has proven her talent to the whole world and became one of the public’s favorite players. In the 2004 Olympics, she defeated Julianne Scheck of Germany and another badminton star Camilla Martin of Denmark. However, she lost to another badminton pro, Mia Audina of Netherlands. Nevertheless, her trainings with male badminton players paid off and put her in her current status as a badminton superstar.

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