Badminton Training Tips – Racket Hand Backcourt Footwork

Have you ever struggled to return a shot if the shuttle was hit toward the backcourt area? Most of the time, it is tiring, if not difficult, to return a shot targeted at the backcourt, especially if you are positioned near the net, or if the shuttle moves at a high speed. It can be frustrating if this happens to you, and sometimes it will leave you feeling helpless and discouraged, thinking: “how can I return such a shot?”

One of the ways to return a shot to the backcourt is to get into position quickly. For a right handed player receiving a shot to the right backcourt area, the first step is to turn the body in such a way that the torso faces toward the right side of the court and to make a small step with the right foot so that the right leg is positioned toward the area where the shuttle is anticipated to land. After this initial step, the left foot crosses the back/front of the right foot and the whole body begins to move toward the anticipated landing area.

Then, the right foot takes one more step. At this point, depending on where the shuttle is, the player can already hit the shuttle, or, make a smash or jump smash. If the player chooses to already hit the shuttle, the toe should be pointed away from the center of the court (which is the returning position) to enable the player to return quickly. If the player will follow a smashing process instead, the right foot should end up in front of the body pointing toward the center with the left foot behind and slightly stretched, again to enable the player to return quickly.

One of the most important parts of this process is the very first turn. If you do this part correctly, it will be easier for the rest of the process to follow. Also remember that while the process is described as a series of steps, the entire movement should be smooth and continuous.

This type of footwork can be modified to fit the situation. One alternative will be to jump early with the left foot, instead of taking one more step with the right foot. Jumping and hitting the shuttle high is preferred since with this stroke you can make an attacking move, like a smash or a drop. Keep in mind that it is always better to hit the shuttle high, and that the main point of good footwork is to get to the shuttle as quickly as possible to do this.

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