Basketball – On Court Games For Youngsters

Basketball can be difficult for children, especially full-court games. These ideas are for games that can keep kids interested in the sport without tiring them out running full speed up and down the court. Most of them are shooting games because shooting (and making) a basket is the most exciting part of the sport for a child.

H-O-R-S-E or P-I-G is a shooting game popular on elementary and middle school playgrounds. For each missed basket, you get a letter. The last player to spell H-O-R-S-E (or P-I-G for shorter games) is the winner. Each round is played from a slightly different position on the court. Player 1 can choose anywhere to shoot from; if he makes the shot each player beyond must shoot from that position. If player 1 misses, player 2 chooses from where to shoot.

War is a game that allows multiple teams to play one game. The on-court action is identical to a normal basketball game, but when one team scores a point the failed defensive team leaves the court for a new challenger to take on the winner. Similar to Man on the Mountain, the last team standing wins.

Knock-out can be played with 2 or 200. Kids make 1 line; usually at the free throw line but closer for younger players. The first 2 children in line get basketballs. Player 1 throws. If he makes a basket, he is safe and goes to the back of the line. If he misses, though, he needs to rebound the ball and continue attempting baskets until he gets one in. If the 2nd player scores before he does, player 1 is out. Continue with 2 balls in play at all times.

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