Chelsea’s Didier Drogba Suspended

Unquestionably the player has been a great invest for the Chelsea FC, being a tremendous striker and the type of player who needs no signal on the field to move along, but he is as well again and again in the headlines for polemic issues.

Drogba is bad tempered and has petulant personality. If you think that Rooney’s humor and Cristiano Ronaldo’ super-ego personalities can be difficult, imagine then Drogba’s situation having both Rooney and Ronaldo’s negative qualities.

On the past week, Drogba was charged with violent conduct during a League Cup game against Burnley FC. The problem was that while Burnley fans were throwing objects on the field after Drogba scored, he grabbed one of the objects (a coin) and threw it back at the supporter’s stands. If that was not enough, many saw him making obscene gestures at the people in the stands.

Due to his polemic long soccer trajectory, his case was taken seriously by the FA (Football Association) and after studying videos of the incident and talking to witnesses’ he received a 3 game suspension; as stated in the rule book players should not interact with fans in an aggressive approach.

Unfortunately this is not the first time Drogba is in the eye of the hurricane. During his second season with Chelsea, three years ago, he was accused of cheating to score in an encounter vs. Man City, as he used his hand to run the ball. There is also the issue many rivals have complained about, the “elbowing”, which is something apparently he does during matches and thus some alleged he should be punished by FIFA. Back in the 2007/08 season he created chaos in the club after manager JosĂ© Mourinho was release from duties, telling media he wanted to leave the club as well and complained about the clubs management. If all these problems were not enough on April 2008, he injured Man United’s defender Nemanja Vidi

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