Cimarron Baseball Training Aids

This article is going to explain many different baseball training aids by Cimarron Sports. Baseball training aids are very important for developing proper baseball and softball fundamentals.

Cimarron has two baseball pitching machines available. The Cimarron Combo Pitching Machine is good for youth and adults, quickly converts from throwing baseballs to softballs, throws up to 60 mph,and pitches with pinpoint accuracy. The Cimarron Multi-Pitch Pitching Machine throws fastballs, breaking balls, curveballs, and sliders. Can pitch baseballs up to 65 mph and softballs up to 55 mph. Runs on 110 V. Both pitching machines use dimpled yellow baseballs and softballs which are available through Cimarron Sports. The Cimarron Automatic Ball Feeder has a 15 ball capacity and a six second interval. Good for both Cimarron Baseball Pitching Machines.

Cimarron has a variety of batting cage nets. They have #42 twisted poly cage nets, #36 twisted poly cage nets, stand alone frames with no ground sleeves or tie down cables necessary. Good for indoors or outdoors. #36 nylon batting cage nets are good if your cage is exposed to extreme weather conditions or lots of moisture. Cable kits are available with 3 cut-to-length cables, 6 turnbuckles, and 6 small u-bolts. The 55 foot kit comes with 9 eyebolts and 42 d-clips. The 70 foot kit comes with 12 eyebolts and 54 d-clips. Cimarron Sports also has deluxe commercial frames and retractable frames.

Cimarron Sports has softball nets, L-frames, sock nets, fielder nets, and catch nets.

Backstops include catcher backstops, vinyl backstops, rubber backstops, and net backstops.

Mats include economy home plate mats, deluxe nylon home plate mats, pro nylon home plate mats, and batting cage baseball turf.

Baseball training aids include pitchbacks, 2 sport catcher vinyl backstop and frame, hitting stick and practice hitter.

I hope this article gives you an idea of the many great baseball training aids by Cimarron Sports. Cimarron Sports baseball training aids will greatly improve your baseball and softball game.

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