Covid-19 has cruelly exposed American’s inequalities. Now we need to come together | Sport

Greetings to all who have come across this message. I wish this interaction was on better terms. A lot has changed within the US over the past few weeks and unfortunately it’s uncertain how much more will be essential to “flatten the curve” or lessen this vile pandemic.

Misinformation is at a peak, and I can feel the collective restlessness increase as the days pass. You are not alone. It seems like the people responsible for conveying information all have different messages with separate agendas. From our local media to our governing officials all the way up to the man in the suit. In this most dire of times, there have been displays of dissidence, and controversy from our political elites, causing confusion among the public. If that last sentence applies to you, our frustrations are shared. With that being said, it is paramount that everyone remains calm. An outbreak of turmoil and chaos that matches the pandemic would be further detrimental to not just the economy, but to us as a society, and community, as a whole.

America’s lack of medical resources is barefaced, and the number of unemployment claims is at an all-time high. I understand the urge to protect your closest loved ones,. However, if you have the means, I urge you to extend a hand to a neighbor or friend who may be less fortunate. As I write this more than 30,000 people have lost their lives in the US alone. Of those heart-wrenching numbers, the percentage of African Americans and people of color is both alarming and disproportionate. Our healthcare system could be potentially highlighting injustices this beautiful nation has composed and suppressed since its establishment.

My intention in writing this editorial is to hopefully inspire our society to come together rather than drift farther and farther apart. In the midst of social distancing it is easy to segregate ourselves and our families from the outside world. I challenge you to do the opposite. Donate to your local food banks, homeless shelters and to those less fortunate in general. Allocate resources to healthcare workers, and other extraordinary workers and unsung heroes during this time. Lend a hand to the families and family members of healthcare workers and those who have lost someone, and are in need of economic support. The slightest display of compassion may save someone’s life. I am looking to match these efforts and align with people who are inclined to do something.

After being personally affected by this outbreak and its impact on the NBA, there is no way that I can look away after seeing how friends, family and teammates have been affected by this virus. I am proud to be a member of the Boston Celtics and of the NBA for ceasing to continue the season at this time. Sports have an influential position in our society, and I’m grateful the NBA uses its platform considerately.

My deepest condolences go out to Karl-Anthony Towns, and his family, for the recent loss of his beautiful mother Jackie from Covid-19; the entire NBA mourns with you. I also extend my condolences to anyone with a similar experience or shared communal pain. As we all suffer from being torn apart, from news of heartbreak and anguish, my greatest hope is that during this isolation we become more unified than ever.

As I stare at the walls of my confinement, due to the implementation of social distancing, I hope that our nation not only consolidates over the next few weeks but also heals. Ponder the suffrage from other epidemics that have plagued this nation and our planet. Social inequality, gender inequality, inequality in education, poverty, lack of resources, cultural biases, and other various societal imbalances that have yet to be vaccinated. Let’s use this time to look for solution based answers and cooperative efforts for those problems.

It’s Game 7 and how we perform down the stretch is going to determine our outcome. Let’s lean in and get this done together as a team.

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