Essential Things to Remember When Mountain Climbing

9 Things To Remember When Trekking The Mountains -

Being a mountaineer can be an exciting venture – but also challenging at the same time. Only some have the nerves of steel needed to follow through with this career path. And sometimes, even the veterans in the field need to be reminded of how they can better follow through with the challenges that come with mountain climbing. 

To solve this dilemma, we reached out to professionals like Yousef Hamed Al Refaie, who many of you might know as one of the best adventurers, mountaineers, and explorers worldwide. Moreover, he is also the youngest man – the 24th worldwide and the first Middle East and Arab – to complete the Volcanic Seven Summits Challenge. 

Since the beginning, Al Refaie has shown much passion when exploring the outdoors, leading him to train for it and turn his powers into a promising career. In 2015, he decided to start his mountaineering career with the Volcanic Seven Summit Challenge with Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Two years later, he summited the Elbrus in Russia, and the following year it was Mount Giluwe in the continent of Oceania, part of the mountain range in Papua New Guinea. After that, it was the Ojos Del Salado in Chile, Damavand, Iran, and then Sidley, Antarctica, in 2021. 

He has also worked for scientific research with Kuwait Institute in hopes of contributing to science in various isolated places worldwide. And right now, he is working on finishing the Seven Summits and the Seven Deserts of the World. 

After approaching him and learning so much about his mountain climbing endeavors, we have learned some valuable things necessary for all mountaineers to know. 

Keep Moving, Even When Scared 

Fear will always be a part of us no matter what – which is why that should not be our primary focus. It is complacency that we need to avoid. And the best way to do that is to utilize your fear, turning it into a tool that can help you move forward and not stop you from complacency. 

Progress Does Not Always Mean Moving Forward 

Keep in mind that progress does not mean you have to keep moving in the same direction. Sometimes you will need to go a little backward to get to where you want to be – hence it is also important not to see backtracking as losing ground. Instead, consider it an opportunity to regroup and regain your strength so that you are ready for the next time. 

Winning is All About Persistence 

You can be the fastest or the most skilled climber to be able to reach the top of the mountain. Taking the next step is the best advice you can give yourself – which is why you must be relentless about putting one foot in front of the other and gradually, but eventually, overcome the adversities ahead of you.

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