Five things you didn’t know about Lionel Messi

Five Things You Didn't Know about Barcelona's Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is one of the great football players who have entered the legend of the king of sports (some say even the greatest of all time). You have the impression that no title has not been awarded to him and no trophy that he cannot win through his extraordinary performances on the field.

He is considered one of the best footballers in history. He has won numerous trophies and a lot of money, but Lionel Messi also has hidden stories. Here are some facts about lionel Messi from the intimacy of this star that you may not know:

1.    Growth hormone deficiency

As a child, Leo Messi suffered from growth hormone deficiency.

The treatment he underwent requires the injection of growth hormone into the legs, every night, for three years.

It was a very expensive medical procedure and if the amount needed had not been fully covered by the Catalan club, the sick boy could never have become a professional footballer.

2.    Passion for tattoos

Messi has a great passion for tattoos.

He tattooed his mother’s face on his left shoulder and his son’s name on his left thigh.

These drawings and inscriptions do not belong, in his vision, to aesthetics, but symbolize the immense closeness of soul he has to his loved ones in the family.

3.    He was recruited by Barcelona thanks to a video clip

In one of the evenings spent in Barcelona, ​​Messi received oranges and tennis balls from Soldini, and the manager told him that he would return in a week to record how the footballer juggles them. Messi got to juggle 113 times with the oranges and 120 times with the tennis balls. Soldini sent the film to Barcelona, ​​and the Catalan club’s officials immediately called Messi for talks. The Argentine ended up signing his first contract on a napkin, and Barcelona was on the verge of missing him due to financial problems.

4.    He loves his family and his country madly

Many thought that because he arrived in Spain at an early age, Messi would forget about his native Argentina. He even received an offer to play for the Spanish national team, but politely refused. He is extremely attached to his family and his homeland. He dedicates all the goals to his grandmother who died in a classic gesture, raising his fingers to the sky. He talks a lot about his grandmother, although she died when he was only 10 years old. He is also very careful with his mother, with her face tattooed on her left shoulder.

5.    The Argentine is an antisocial type

It is known that Messi is a discreet guy and does not talk much in the locker room. But the Argentine can’t stand to share the spotlight with anyone. Because of this, the Barcelona scouts are looking for footballers with whom Messi can get along. Those who do not fit into Messi’s group are quickly sold out, even if we are talking about Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the star of Paris Saint Germain, or Samuel Eto ”o, a footballer who scored the winning goal for FC Barcelona in a UEFA Champions League final. It is said about Messi that he sent a message to the club’s officials requesting that Ibrahimovic be sold.