Get Active on a Luxury Holiday to Mauritius

Mauritius is one of those places in the world which every tourist or sightseer wishes to see at least once in their life time. Situated to the south West Indian Ocean, this small tropical island has one disadvantage: after being there, one never wishes to come back from this magnificent island. The presence of neat and clean water, stunning beaches, glorious and splendid sandy resorts, spectacular waterfalls, breathtaking sites, a number of comfortable hotels for your relaxation, brilliant weather, friendly and helping people have no doubt made it a noticeably beautiful and attention grasping place for the tourists to explore.

Due to its nice and comfortable weather, people enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities. Some of the famous activities and sports are swimming, fish catching, water skiing, volley ball, canoeing, diving, boat riding, biking and sport cars, etc. Like many other islands, Spas are also very famous here.

Mauritius has spectacular scenic beauty. Its sandy beaches and rain forests are too beautiful to describe in words. There are plenty of plants found in Mauritius that generate tourism and trade.

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius and is regarded as a highly famous city. Lots of shopping opportunities in the big malls, a number of restaurants and glorious parks are the main characteristics of this city. Its other cities are also naturally beautiful sites to relax and unwind. Peaceful environment, tropical gardens, worth-seeing sites and lakes have made it a distinctive place for honeymoons and tourism. Thus, it can be termed as a best place for couples to come and store the wonderful locations in their memories forever.

There are number of hotels in Mauritius available at different rates. Some luxurious ones are the Royal Palm, Four Seasons Resort, Le Prince Maurice and Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa. These hotels are present to provide you with the best of mental and physical peace and relaxation. These hotels offer excellently efficient service with trained staff. Grand Bay is a beach resort in Mauritius perfect for honeymoons, romantic escapes, family stays and even weddings. Some of the hotels are five stars and some are luxury, but every hotel satisfies the needs of a traveller. Restaurants and open air food stalls of Bar B Qs and other sea foods are present there to provide you with the delicious and appetizing food. Hotels are located at wonderful and beautiful sites from where you can see the mountains with lush green grass and resorts.

There is a famous festival celebrated in Mauritius in which different goods like flower-wooden arches, handmade things and pots are present for you at very reasonable rates.

The night life there is rocking and full of entertainment. It is crammed with night clubs, restaurants, pubs, casinos, discos and bars in order to give people the best of recreation especially in the northern part of the island. Friday and Saturday nights are especially entertaining. The safe and friendly environment is the main source of attraction for tourists.

Mauritius, thus, with its lush scenic beauty and other recreational facilities offers a luxury holiday for all who need to have a quality time.

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