Golf Schools – The Best Choice to Start a Golf Career

Golf is a popular sport. There are approximately 31,000 courses in the world, according to a 2007 issue of Golf Digest, and half of them are in the United States. The National Golf Foundation has calculated that in 2007, there were 29.5 million golfers in the U.S. alone. With it being as popular as it is, there must be many people out there wanting to learn more about the sport or pursue a related career. Golf schools can help.

They are, understandably, becoming popular. Some, for more recreational players, provide a getaway vacation experience while the visitor learns the ropes of the sport. Others provide a more comprehensive educational experience and full curriculum to learn about both the sport and the industry.

There are schools that offer degree programs. Attendees can learn about the game professionally as well as management, which entails an education in managing a course. This kind of experience can lead to careers other that playing pro, such as managing a course, manufacturing products, or writing about the sport, players, or the like.

Such a facility also offers other opportunities as well. Colleges and Universities participate at nationally recognized events, giving each and every one of their students the opportunity to have a real front seat. The US Open, and other tournaments often have student volunteers working and experiencing just how to run a large scale event. The experience and connections that many Universities have will open up more doors than imaginable.

The PGA estimates there are 2 million jobs available in the golf industry. This is impressive given our economic situation, but one also needs to be educated if looking to obtain one of those jobs. A degree from one of any number of colleges can lead to a job teaching as well as working in a hotel nearby a course or at a resort.

There are many schools in the US, and websites suiting your needs to organize and sort through the choices. Many sites feature a directory searchable by state, destination, specialty, and also by proximity to the zip code entered in a field. For each state, there is a listing of schools. There are 20 schools listed for New York alone, and for Arizona there are even more than that. Each state has multiple schools. Using online resources will aid you in your search for the perfect school. Look for a reliable school specializing in the area of the sport you’d like to study. Do you feel you’re best suited in supervisory role? How about a more manual labor, get your hands dirty position?

Attending any one of the many golf schools can cost quite a bit, but there are many grants and scholarships available to help pay for tuition. A stay at a resort-based school will give you a great onsite experience, but is more costly. Accredited programs for gaining an associate or bachelor degree are more expensive than other unaccredited programs. Tuition prices can range, so it’s important to search for the best school within your price range. Many schools are expensive, but well worth the expense. Despite this, the degree can be obtained in as little as 16 months when traditional programs can take up to 3 years.

The sport of golf is extremely popular, and in times like these we must evaluate which careers will give you stability when times are tough. Look to a successful and well run school to help you take advantage of the possibilities. Golf schools nationwide have openings today. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get into the industry.

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