Gripping and Hitting a Volleyball the Right Way

Volleyball Hands 2 Ways To Hold Your Hands When You Pass A Volleyball


The game that developed in the late 1800s has now gained worldwide popularity – volleyball. Be it the gym or the beach, playing volleyball is an excellent way of keeping oneself fit. Two teams have to get the ball over the net in the game without letting it drop on the floor. There are several ways by which the ball can be passed over the net. However, professional volleyball players can use Ball grip replacement for better hitting and gripping.

Besides using a Ball grip replacement, knowing the proper techniques to grip and hit the ball is imperative. In this article, the way one should grip a volleyball and hit it is discussed in detail.

Holding or gripping a volleyball

When a professional volleyball player intends to pass the ball to the target, he has to follow these two points:

  • Hold the wrists and hands together to ensure that the forearms create a flat surface known as the ‘platform.’ The professional volleyball players have to use this platform to pass the ball to the target.
  • For passing the ball from one person to another, it is essential to have good communication with the teammates, especially with the one passing the next ball. Be vocal and communicate well with the teammates on the court.

Hitting a volleyball

Given below are some essential techniques that will help professional volleyball players to hit the ball correctly:

  • Serving overhand

To hit the volleyball overhand, first and foremost, one has to set oneself in the correct posture. Stand with your feet should apart and keep the foot opposite to your hitting hand a bit forward.

Now, toss the ball with the less dominant arm to hit it hard with the more dominant hand. This tossing the volleyball needs a lot of practice. Next, widely spread all the fingers of the hand and make a close contact of the ball with the center of the palm. When the ball is at the highest position, hit it hard.

  • Serving underhand

Keep the opposite foot of your hitting hand a bit forward when serving underhand, and the other foot should be staggered. This will help the player to balance his body weight while he is about to hit the ball. At this posture, most of the bodyweight should be on the backfoot. Also, the hips should be squared off with the net.

Use one arm to hold the ball in front of the body, and with the other arm, hit it hard. To hit the ball, make a fist on the hand and hit the ball with the flat portion of the hand where the pointer finger and the thumb meet.

  • Bumping the volleyball

First, make a fist with your non-dominant hand and then wrap the dominant hand around the fist. Next, make sure both the thumbs are placed next to each other. Next, move your arms and stretch them away from the body to create a sort of platform to hit the ball to the other side. Next, spread the legs shoulder apart and slightly bend your knees. As soon as the ball comes over the net, use the forearms and the hands to hit the ball.

  • Setting the volleyball

Face the ball with both hands raised slightly above the forehead. At this posture, a volleyball player should wait for the ball and be prepared to grab it as soon as it is nearing him. It will allow the player to spike the ball to the opponents’ side. To hold the ball properly, the fingers of both hands should be widely spread. The thumb and the pointer finger should form a triangle when carrying the ball. As soon as the ball approaches the player, he should rotate his wrist and place his hands above the head. After the ball has contacted the arms, release the ball with an upward push. 

  • Spiking the volleyball

Take three to four steps to send the ball to the other side of the net. It is crucial to set the body in good posture with the right foot placed forward and then take it off the ground as soon as the ball is released.


Therefore, following the strategies for hitting and gripping the volleyball can help professional players deliver the best match. If necessary, one can take the help of the Ball grip replacement.