How are you staying active and keeping fit during lockdown? | Sport

It takes some ingenuity to keep fit and healthy while gyms are closed, sporting events are cancelled and there are limits on how long we can spend outdoors. Yet some people have dealt with the restrictions with impressive creativity.

The freestyle skier Andri Ragettli normally spends his time flying over slopes in Switzerland, but this week he has turned his flat into an assault course to work on his technique and balance. Ben Zwiehoff, a cross-country mountain bike racer, has also turned his accommodation into a training centre. Elisha Nochomovitz, a restaurant worker who has to stay at home due to the lockdown in France, popped outside to his balcony to complete a marathon. Nochomovitz was meant to be competing at the Barcelona marathon this month, but had to settle for 3,000 laps of his seven-metre balcony instead.

Footballers have been keeping shape at home too. Manchester United player Angel Gomes has been practising his shooting by lobbing balls into his bin. Trent Alexander-Arnold has also been keeping his eye in. Although, instead of picking out Andy Robertson on the opposite flank at Anfield, he has been pinging balls at his garden furniture. Sergio Ramos has been on his running machine (with his top off, naturally). David Silva incorporated his kids into his workout regime. Bruno Alves has been doing keep-ups with his chest. And Alexis Sánchez has been walking his dogs and putting pictures of them on the internet; in a time of great upheaval it is comforting to know that some things never change.

The footballer responsible for the most creative training regime has not been a professional but a young goalkeeper called Nathan. The youngster, who is isolating in Ireland, has come up with a drill that does not require any other players. He kicks a ball against his garden wall and then rushes across his goalmouth to make a save before the ball can rebound off the wall and into his net. Juan Mata, the Manchester United midfielder, was so impressed by Nathan that he offered to have a training session together once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

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