How To Choose a Good Pair of Badminton Shoes

Most players spend most of their budget on badminton rackets. They ignore the fact that shoes are equally important. If you want to move around freely, buying a good pair of shoes is extremely important. While playing, moving quickly in different directions is of great importance. Any slip may cause an injury or at least hurt your performance. Given below are a few expert tips that can make it easier for you to opt for the right pair.


Grip and traction are the two most important things to consider when investing in badminton shoes. As far as the best type of boot is concerned, consider the court you are going to play on. If you play on PU or wood court, opt for a pair that features gum rubber soles as they offer a good deal of grip and traction.

Generally, gum rubber sole tends to collect a lot of dirt, which reduces traction. As a result, you are more likely to slip. It’s a good idea to avoid putting on the shoes when you are outside the court. You may choose to place a moist towel near the court to step on and rub the bottom of your boots to clean them.

Since cement surfaces are not elastic unlike wood, most people don’t play on them. However, if you do want to play on a cement surface, make sure you put on a regular rubber sole shoe. Aside from this, you can also try tennis boots. They can work well too.

However, it’s better if you opt for badminton shoes only. Volleyball boots can be a great alternative as well.


Since playing badminton requires you to move in various directions quickly, make sure you opt for boots that can withstand the impact without breaking. On the market, you can find a variety of boots that provide a lot better cushion. Before you pay for your favorite pair, don’t forget to put it on to see how it feels.


Ideally, you might want to purchase a lightweight pair. In the start, when Wilson got into this market, it launched a pair of badminton boots. These boots feature cloth upper and rubber soles. As a matter of fact, it was unbelievably lightweight.

However, they don’t manufacture them anymore. You may not even find a picture of these boots. The boots you can find these days feature complex designs. But the good thing is that they are more comfortable. And they cost a lot more as well.


Like with any wearable item you buy, make sure you opt for the right size. And as far as size goes, width is the second most important element to consider. In other sports, you move forward while playing. In badminton, you have to move more left and right. So, the width of the shoes is more important.

Long story short, if you are going to buy a good pair of badminton shoes, we suggest that you consider the tips given above. This way you can avoid the common mistakes and get the right pair to meet your needs.

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