January 30, 2023



How to get the Newcastle Stone Skies skin in Apex

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Newcastle received a boost today with the release of the Stone Skies bundle via Prime Gaming.

The Stone Skies skin, an epic rarity skin for Newcastle, is the centerpiece of the bundle. The black, pink, and teal color scheme is accented by a glowing teal design that covers much of Newcastle’s armor and shield and is a cool way to stand out in a game where there aren’t many skins for Apex Legends’ newest character.

Apex players with a Prime Gaming account can also get this skin set for free, but they must first claim the skin bundle. Players who do not claim the skin bundle before it is removed from Prime Gaming in a month will be unable to unlock the skin. Moreover, the Apex Legends Energy code can be used to purchase energy packs which can be used to play the game more efficiently.

Here’s how to get the Stone Skies skin from Newcastle.

Where & How can I get the Newcastle Prime Gaming skin?

Players must link their Prime Gaming account to their EA account in order to unlock the Stone Skies skin. This can be done by visiting Prime Gaming’s Apex Legends page. Players can find a drop-down info tab labeled “Instructions” in the upper left-hand corner of the page. A link to link accounts can be found in the Instructions drop down menu.

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Players must ensure that the EA account they link to their Prime Gaming account is linked to the same platform where they are playing the game. Sign in to their EA account using the log-in option of their preferred platform, and then link that account to their Prime Gaming account.

Once the accounts are linked, players can claim the Newcastle Stone Skies Bundle card by clicking “Claim now.” This should complete the unlocking of the skin bundle. To access their new skins, players simply need to open Apex, and their new skins should be accessible.

Once the Stone Skies skin is unlocked, all that remains is for the player to equip it and then jump into another Outlands match.


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