Moving Away And Thinking Of Leasing Your Old Place?

Considering Renting out Your Home?


What do you do if you have purchased a house but now for work or family reasons you need to move to a different town? What if you have outgrown your house and you need more space for your family? It is difficult and expensive to sell a house.

 Therefore, what are the options of becoming a landlord and just purchasing another house? There are many things to consider when you are considering this option. Are you going to be a landlord yourself or utilize a management company? Are you able to do this financially? Consider these things when you are considering moving and renting your old home.

Is it a Good Idea?

In many ways this can be a good idea to rent out your old home. You can make some extra money on the side. By asking more for rent than you owe each month for your payments can make you a few extra dollars each month. Along with that, selling the first house costs money. Typically, realtors ask at least three percent to sell a home which adds up quick. By just being a landlord and renting it out you can save yourself the couple thousand dollars that you would pay a realtor.

Is it a Bad Idea?

There are a lot of perks of keeping your old house and renting it out, but there are also a lot of cons. One major one is that a renter will cause wear and tear on your house. So even though you are making money every month on rent, you will have to reinvest some to keep the house in good shape. Especially if the plan is to sell the home eventually down the road. 

Another con is that it’s something that you will have to be dealing with. From getting the rent every month to fixing things that break, along the line, it is going to be an inconvenience to deal with. If something major breaks such as a water heater or washer then it is your problem to deal with. So being sure to have a little extra money available for that is very important.

Another major con is that if you get bad renters or people who won’t pay their rent, you will run into problems really quick. The legal process of getting a renter evicted is expensive and long, so in the in between time you are going to have to be dealing with that and losing rental money each month. If you do decide to keep your home as a rental, the best plan is to consider utilizing a property management woodlands tx.

Choosing a Property Management company

There are many different property management Woodlands TX that can help you with any problems that arise as well as take care of the hassle of maintaining the renters. When it comes to choosing the right one there are many things to consider. 

Consider how much they want to charge you each month for their services. Also, consider what services they offer. Some companies only really gather the rent each month, others offer the ability to run background checks and lead you through the legal process if they don’t pay their rent.


If you decide that you need a bigger house or if you need to move and are considering renting out your old house, then consider a property management company woodlands tx. There are many pros and cons of renting, consider all of these things.