February 1, 2023



The Best in Grants Management Software

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What is Microsoft Dynamics Grants Management Software? Microsoft Dynamics grants management software helps grantmakers tame their complex workflows and optimize their interactions with applicants and prospective grantees throughout the entire life of the grant’s life cycle. Software can automatize most of the managerial tasks involved in grantmaking, freeing up staff to focus on strategic relationships, strategy, and other opportunities otherwise overlooked within an unruly grant making environment. The result is that more money gets spent on better projects and a greater resiliency to economic shifts. In other words, more money gets spent!

The Capability to Track And Organize Grant Data

However, there are some problems with grantmaking software that have stumped the minds and hearts of both savvy and less informed grantmakers. Like so many other technological applications, grants management software can also perform poorly if the data it requires to run properly is poorly supported. Many programs simply do not have the capability to track and organize grant data as well as required granular detail. Moreover, many such programs require users to input data at various stages of the approval process. This can be particularly problematic for smaller agencies with a small number of grantmakers.

To address these shortcomings, there is a free guide created by a former grantmaker. The software in question is Microsoft Dynamics Grants Management Software. The free guide provides a step-by-step checklist outlining how to automate the tracking and managing of your grant approvals. In addition, the guide provides an online version of this checklist, making it possible for interested grantmakers to download and print out the relevant forms for tracking their approvals. This makes tracking approvals much easier.

Creates a Dashboard With Links to Related Information

What’s more, the online version of the guide creates a dashboard with links to related information. This makes it very easy to quickly drill down to the level of detail required for each approval type. In addition, the dashboard provides links to frequently asked questions and screen shots. Thus, the grants management software system is very useful for both IT professionals and non-IT professionals alike. It helps give clear focus to all the various stages of the approval process and makes it far easier to identify problems and mistakes.

The Free Trial Version

Perhaps even more useful than any of the information provided above is the free trial version of Grant Manager 4. For a fee, this version allows grantmakers to create their own customized reports. This report can then be shared with other grantmakers, increasing the efficacy of the grants management system overall. Further, this handy report is very easy to read and understand, making it a very useful learning tool for all involved.

What’s more, users can set themselves goals, review their progress and watch the grant application do the work for them. The program can be used as a dashboard or as a standalone program, depending on the needs of the user. However, the key thing to remember is that the program works effectively as long as grantmakers continue to use it. It is truly a must-have if one wants to get the most out of his or her grantsmaking experience.

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