This is just the beginning, I promise you: an open letter to Donald Trump | Sport

Dear President Trump, 

I realise this is an extremely busy time for you between games of golf and tweeting but I hope you may be boosted by a rare and welcome thank you letter from a black man at such an inconvenient moment in the history of the United States of America.

While all of those “animals” are rioting and looting in the streets over something as petty and unimportant as justice and equal human rights for black people and who, for some ridiculous reason, seem to be upset at police “doing their jobs” by applying a little too much physical pressure in apprehending yet another black citizen who subsequently died in their custody – I realised no one has thanked you for the wonderful work you are doing.

Keep it up!

I’m sure a man of your vast intellect may think my sentiment is tinged with a hint of sarcasm but I can assure you my gratitude is genuine, for you have unwittingly become the most influential US president in the history of that great country for all the wrong reasons.

Thank you for being so open and forthright in your evil attitude and lack of care towards the black population you preside over.

Thank you for not pandering to the “politically correct” and even pretending you have any empathy towards anyone who doesn’t look like you or share your outdated, disgraceful, disturbing views on society.

Thank you for showing us anyone can become president (even you!) and showing us the way forward by (unintentionally) inspiring us to instigate lasting change, not just a peaceful protest backed up by empty clicks of support on social media. This is just the beginning. I promise you.

Thank you for shining a spotlight to people around the world who have been sadly unaware of your country and the state it has been in for hundreds of years, and for outing the racist, hateful, bigoted and violent people who not only voted for you but have held the cultural key to an unjust, corrupt and fundamentally prejudiced society and system from the conception of the USA, built on the genocide of Native Americans and the slavery and incarceration of millions of black people.

Thank you for giving us a tangible, symbolic enemy (yourself and your Make America Great Again minions) against which people now have fuel to organise, strategise and mobilise a long-lasting movement and process to change our planet for good. 

These problems have been here throughout my lifetime and generations before me, and as a black man my biggest pain, anguish and dejection has come not only by witnessing these atrocities committed repeatedly against my people, but actually the lack of shock and vivid desensitisation built up over the years while hearing (and sadly believing) that “things won’t change”.

Before you, we had presidents who turned a blind eye to this, who didn’t do nearly enough and were too busy working to fulfil the wishes of corrupt corporations who had lobbied them into power. The difference is they were media savvy and clever enough to say the right thing in public and show just enough fake sympathy in response to these human rights violations to pacify the growing numbers of people who inherently knew there had to be change.

Through your open hatred, indifference and disregard towards a people subjugated by physical, economic, mental and emotional abuse for more than 400 years you have unwittingly created a movement where increasing numbers of people from all creeds and colours around the world are discussing and debating the most constructive way to fight back together. We now understand we have to fight this injustice on a systemic level; protests are not enough.

You are the wolf in wolf’s clothing we’ve needed for years rather than your predecessors who posed as sheep.

You are the reason why my daughters – who are US citizens – ask me: “Why does the president hate black people?”

You are the catalyst for our future generations to impact lasting change not only to your corroding country but countries all over the world, including here in the UK.

You truly mirror the views and ideology of a group of people we must and will overcome.

For that Mr President, I sincerely thank you.

Liam Rosenior

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