September 23, 2023



Tips To Consider When Choosing Your Trophy for a Sport Match in Thailand

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Thailand is well known for several sports, especially water sports. There were many water sport matches held in Thailand, both Pattaya beach and Phuket. That is why trophy manufacturing companies and beach flag shops became a popular business in this country. When you enter the trophies shops in Thailand, your search for a unique, affordable, and beautiful trophy will come to an end. The different trophy shops in Bangkok will offer you all the different sizes and shapes that trophies can be made, and will also offer customized ones. 

Selecting a trophy for either an event or for your presentation can be an overwhelming task. The expectations of the award recipient, desired image of the event, budgetary constraints, and brand personality of the presenting entity need to be factored in the decision-making process. These multitudinous variables are often conflicting as a trophy that is of sub-par quality can leave a negative impression on other constituencies and the recipient too. Trophies should enhance and accurately reflect on the unique personality and image of the presentation, organization, or event. Consider the following when choosing your trophy:

The right type of trophy for your needs

Both tactical and strategic decisions are needed to be made when choosing a trophy. The type of trophy you need to create should be the key decision you make. The time required to produce and design the trophy, the replicability, and the cost of the trophy will be significantly implicated by the choice of the type of trophy you need. Before getting deeper, we have a hint for you to search for trophy shops in Thailand easier. Just use โล่รางวัล to search on internet. You will find many of them to choose from.


The color scheme that will be incorporated into your trophy is of great concern, especially if you are creating a new trophy design. The trophy can be created in an almost endless variety of colors but custom and unique colors can be applied to other types of recognition trophies either as an accent or the main color element.

A yellow trophy represents intellect, happiness, energy, and joy and it highlights the most important elements of a design. A blue trophy symbolizes intelligence, faith, trust, confidence, truth, wisdom, and loyalty. Stability and depth are also associated with this color. For emotionally intense colors, a red trophy can symbolize love, passion, or anger. Tied to fertility, growth, freshness, and harmony, the green trophy can suggest endurance and stability.

Unique trophy to build and reinforce your brand

An organization’s brand message can be supported and reinforced by achievement and recognition trophies. Custom-made trophies can scream originality by glimpse and still stay consistent with the intended brand image. 

Every brand needs to deliver a consistent and clear brand message to its audiences. Therefore, everything the organization does should be to reinforce the brand message either externally or internally. By using symbols and elements meaningful to the organization, incorporating actual items supportive of the brand position, using the organization logo, using materials supportive to the brand message, and using an organizational icon can be some of the ways one can create brand-building designs that are unique.

Your organization mascot or brand

Event attendees, recipients, employees, and anyone who will view the trophy displayed or being presented will immediately recognize the trophy if it was created based on brand mascots. The trophy will convey the brand’s attributes associated with the icon they are based on, automatically when you see them. 

The design style for the trophies

Choosing the most appropriate design for your needs is the first strategic and interesting aspect of creating a trophy. Organizational or personal preference is the key determinant in choosing a specific artistic style to apply to your trophies. The recognition presentation event, the image of the brand or organization, the award recipients themselves, and the purpose of the award should also be considered when choosing the design of the trophy. 

The design of the trophy can be categorized into ready-made, custom, personalized, and customizable. Customized trophies have both custom and pre-designed components. A personalized trophy has a personalized engraving on the award itself or its base. Custom trophy aims towards a specific customer’s specification in every aspect. Ready-made trophies are available to any customer for purchase as they’ve been already designed. | Newsphere by AF themes.