Why You Have to Choose a Franklin Sports 3967 Advanced Volleyball & Badminton Set

This is the set which contains all materials needed to play Volleyball as well as Badminton. This set includes an official size Soft Spike volleyball (with inflating pump and needle), four deluxe Tight string Hi-sheep stringing rackets (with soft-touch padded grip, tempered steel shaft rackets and nylon grommets), and three A-grade yellow shuttlecocks. This clearly states the requirements to play the above two games. This set is a perfect need for a picnic with two couples or four people since the badminton set contains four rackets. These rackets are made of highly durable tempered steel which is unbreakable so easily. The weight of the rackets is also very less.

The strings are nylon grommets that are very stiff and can withstand high pressures the cocks exert over them. The long neck of the racket is gives added strength to the racket because of the material and so it is not much affected by the fast swings of the racket. The handle of the racket is made with a correct proportion with the length of the racket and so you get the real gaming experience. The handle is made up of soft- touch padded materials. But extra gripping is added in order to make it more reliable in the hands of the player. This grip makes sure the racket does not slip from the player’s hands. And also they are built to give cushion effect to the player’s hands.

The set also contains the net which is multipurpose one which can be used for both badminton as well as Volleyball. In order to make it feasible to play volleyball, the kit also comes with volleyball. This volley ball is of official size and so it is also suitable for competitions. This point proves that this is not only a fun play kit and this kit can be used for official matches also. This volleyball is of short spike type and this kit also provides an inflating pump and also a pin which can be used to pump in the air into the ball. The ball is very similar to the official one and so it will be soft over your hands and does not hurt your hands while hitting it hard or smashing shots.

This kit since it comes handy with both volleyball and also badminton, the number of players available does not matter much in this case. Since if the number is less than or equal to four you can play Badminton and if it exceeds more than that, we can choose volleyball. The shuttlecocks provided are of pure A-graded and hence you need not worry about the quality. This kit contains not one or two. It has three such shuttle cocks in yellow color. And the net provided is easy mountable and so it is very much less time consuming. Also this comes with border markers that can be used with ease.

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