AdSense Winning the Game

Often those who have signed up for AdSense soon find out that the ads displayed often make no sense. You would think that with the AdSence and it’s spider bot, that it would have a better artificial intelligence algorithm to read those pages for appropriate content.

Of course if you do not properly title, key word and set your pages then AdSense will not work right for you. If the program displays irrelevant ads, then no one will click on them and of course you make no money right?

Some website operators think that AdSense only takes into consideration the front page of your entire site and that they should call Google to fix it. Unfortunately those website owners don’t get it. Other site operators do not understand there are slow seasons for some types of articles or types of businesses. Thus is you only sport business opportunity pages then you will be underwhelmed during summer months and fat, dumb and happy during the Spring and around Christmas Holidays and New Years. After all when people click they click to somewhere that they are interested in.

Site owners need to understand the seasonality of their web content. In fact those who have some Google Stock would like to know when the average AdSense clicks drop as that means they to have slow seasons for internet and their Ad revenues drop while their stock is high, it all comes tumbling down and they know that. As they have to peg every quarter with gains here on out or Wall Street will slam them, they will watch.

There maybe a way to break a website apart into many sub sites by category, so at least the categories will be read correctly by their bot, if you are still having issues with Google AdSense posting irrelevant ads. Although the chances are it is your fault. Recently I noticed a problem on one site, which was on Google’s side of the fence. For instance a properly encoded page for a financial analyst, was putting up ads for advertising at Kiosks instead of for financial stock programs and products.

Why was Google picking something regarding that, if their bot is truly doing its job? This seems to indicate that in fact not all problems with AdSense are on the site operators side, but rather originate at Google itself and the problem is from poor artificial intelligence programming. Perhaps they need to integrate some of the better searching programs that they use to deliver relevant information to your own searching inquiries? AdSense is not the only way to make money on the Internet, but it is one way. Unfortunately those web site operators who count on it are in trouble if they do not understand the animal. Do some more research and learn about what you at playing with. Think about it.

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