What Is a Badminton Drill?

A Badminton Drill is quite simply a practice.

No, not practicing by playing or knocking a few shuttles across the net to your partner. A Badminton Drill is a practice. It’s a practice of a specific skill or element required to play badminton. The Badminton drill can take many forms but will usually focus on taking a small and specific area on which to work.

Let me give an example from my own style of play, I invariably have my racquet ‘down’ either to the side or in front, even when at the front of the court. But a far better position for the racquet and me as I’m well over six foot, is to have my knees slightly bend and the racquet head raised to shoulder or head height. I need to Drill this habit into my head. So my partner and I play the ‘patty cake’ game, both stand just back of the front service line and try hitting the shuttle as horizontal and as close to the net tape as possible.

It becomes a ‘game’ when there are no rules, i.e. freedom to hit shuttle on either forehand or backhand. It becomes a Drill when you continually just do forehand. It can be further broken down into say, near forehand and far forehand.

Badminton drills are better than practise as they are more specific to particular areas and should be done over a considerable amount of time. An hour spent on a particular Badminton drill is nothing, and what’s more it should be regularly repeated throughout the training regime.

Another Badminton drill might be ‘mid court backhand cross net return’, bit of a mouthful that, but if your partner can deliver the shuttle to the right area this is easily practicable, but the main purpose of the drill could be to get you to change from a forehand grip to a backhand grip!!..

A Badminton drill is a very useful training technique and is simply a repetition of a small but necessary skill.

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